Last winter I had a bad case of uvulitis. My uvula was swollen, not elongated. It was scary enough that I had to call the ambulance, I was having difficulty breathing and swallowing was all but impossible. A trip (DH drove me over) to the ER, a shot and meds and I was on my way home.

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A sore throat is a common symptom for many illnesses. Dealing with a sore throat is annoying and painful and can often last up to a couple of weeks. The best way to get rid of a sore throat is to determine the root cause. This particular symptom is often associated with three types of illnesses.

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Apr 09, 2007  · Enlarged Uvula I am so glad to read that there are many people out there with this same ‘lump in throat’ feeling. After reading your posts, I checked and i, too have an enlarged uvula sitting on my tongue.

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Have a swollen uvula? What are the symptoms of uvulitis and what do they mean for your health? Learn about uvulitis symptoms, how they can be dangerous and what you should watch out for during uvula.

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Finally, my endurance is just gone. My throat (back of my throat around where the uvula is) hurts after just a few minutes of singing. I try to get through a song.

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Microphone Techniques – advice for singers at Vocalist – glottal attack, soft-palate edge (with vibration of the uvula), good enunciation and diaphragmatic pulsation (like a pant). Article explaining the uses and set up of stereo microphone techniques for singing ensembles and soloists by Bruce Bartlett at

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Hello dear people at KTVA, Lately I’ve been checking on every aspect of my singing cos I think I may be ready to move onto vol 3 but last week I realized my uvula doesn’t rise.

But on serious point am sure thats not bad given sleep problems you can have with a swallon Uvula anyway thats name of thing that dangles down in your mouth. Singing is good for your lungs but Bad for your Ears!!

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Good luck! Doctors give unbiased, helpful information on indications, contra-indications, benefits, and complications: Dr. Krauser on turbinate surgery affecting singing voice: The surgery itself may damage your vocal cords through manipulation for the intubation and subsequent intensive care; also the new lung may have a different capacity for.

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Apr 24, 2015  · Swollen Tonsil and Uvula. Persistent swollen tonsil. Swollen tongue. Related Topics. And I can do growling with out hurting myself when my throat isn’t swollen up like this. The quality of my singing voice is also pretty good. I’d also like to add that I don’t smoke or drink. |. Bad Breath Causes and Risk Factors

A singer needs a well-lubricated instrument before a performance — in this case, the instrument consists of the mouth, throat and vocal cords. Avoid eating salty foods prior to singing, as salt draws moisture out of the body. This can lead to a dry mouth, making it more difficult to sing.

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The uvula is one of the weirdest looking features of the human body. Yet despite its infamy, scientists have spent centuries puzzling over its function. The hangy ball’s full name is the.

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And when you sing a lower note, you “think” that you’re singing up into the note. This keeps your voice nicely balanced and will help you stop straining when you sing. Be sure to watch the video above and follow along with the exercises. You’ll find that the more you practice these exercises the less you’ll get a sore throat from singing.

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