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When upper thread tension is too tight, the top thread is straight and the bobbin thread loops appear on the right side of the fabric. If, on the other hand, the upper thread tension is loose , the bobbin thread pulls straight across the fabric and the spool thread forms loops on the back of the fabric.

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Either your needle thread is too tight or your bobbin thread is too loose. First check that your bobbin thread hasn’t slipped out of its tension spring in the bobbin case. If the bobbin thread is correctly threaded through the tension spring, then decrease your needle tension by 1 number.

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Common Causes of Singer Featherweight Machine Trouble. Tension too tight. Thread wound unevenly on bobbin or bobbin wound too full. Spring on bobbin case worn to sharp edge. Burr on underside of throat plate (sometimes caused by sewing over pins or breaking needle).

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Detailed Fixes For Sewing Machine Tension Problems!. If no thread unwinds, tension is too tight. If the bobbin unwinds more than a few inches, it is too loose. Adjust the little screw on the front of the case until the tension is accurate again. Singer Sewing ; Brother Sewing ; AmericanHome Sew; Industrial Sewing.

Incorrect threading; Knots or twists in thread; Needle too small; Tension too tight. Bobbin case not correctly threaded; Bobbin case incorrectly inserted in.

Air is the fuel for your voice. If you have too little air available your voice can become strained and tired. Tension in the body tends to generalize and may affect the larynx. Tight tense muscles do.

Bottom Loading Bobbins One simple way to test if you need to adjust your bobbin tension if you have a bottom loading bobbin is to take the thread hanging from your bobbin case (if you don’t have a bobbin case you have a front loading bobbin).

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Adjust tension. If the thread tension is too tight the thread may break. Make sure your tension dial is not too tight, it should usually be around the middle of the dial. Is the singer sewing machine works like 4in1 mini sewing machine?. It collects so much thread under (bottom side) of the fabric. Is my bobbin too tight ? Reply. Post.

-Tension too tight. -Needle bent or having a blunt point. -Thread too coarse for size of needle. Common Cause of Sewing Machine Troubles. Improper threading of bobbin case or shuttle. Tension to tight. Thread wound unevenly on bobbin or bobbin wound too full. Spring on bobbin case or shuttle worn to sharp groove.

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If the bobbin tension is tighter than the upper tension, you will see excess threads underneath the fabric. To balance the tensions, simply adjust the upper tension in relation to the lower tension.

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Note: Too much bobbin showing on the underside and/or showing on the topside usually means either the bobbin tension is too loose or the top thread tension is too tight. Be the first to review this product

If so, then that indicates that the TOP (upper) thread tension is too loose, or the bottom (bobbin) tension is way too tight. OR, there is a burr or needle strike on the hook area (around the bobbin case) that is impeding the free flow of the loop somehow, OR the thread is not pulled fully up into the upper tension.

Sep 12, 2013  · Bobbin thread is too tight, even when the tension dials are set right as recommended in manual and both the upper thread and bobbin are correct.

Jul 6, 2016. Left Side – Singer 27 Shuttle Upper Right – New Home Shuttle. Things were going good when my bobbin ran out of thread. It wasn't long and the bottom thread was too tight and top too loose and looping on the bottom.

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If you're experiencing difficulty with tensioning your machine, it might be that your bobbin tension is too loose (or, less frequently, too tight). To test your bobbin.

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Common Causes of Singer Featherweight Machine Trouble. Tension too tight. Thread wound unevenly on bobbin or bobbin wound too full. Spring on bobbin case worn to sharp edge. Burr on underside of throat plate (sometimes caused by sewing over pins or breaking needle).

Too Loose Tension Step 1 Tighten the bobbin spring screw with a small flathead screwdriver (provided with the Husqvarna tool kit) a fraction to the right—or clockwise.

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Singer Sewing Machine No. 66 Oscillating Hook, For Family Use. Previous Page | Next Page 82387 No. 66. If the tension on the needle thread is too tight, or if that on the bobbin thread is too loose, the needle thread will lie straight along. the back in the bobbin case tension spring. To increase the tension, turn the screw over toward.

When using a heavy or thick thread in the bobbin, the preset tension might be too tight. This may put too much pressure on the thread as it comes out of the bobbin case and can prevent the bobbin thread from unwinding freely.

Mar 22, 2015  · Singer Heavy Duty – Adjusting Bobbin Tension Kevin Sews. of people receiving new machines with the bobbin tension being too loose. Be aware that doing this may void your warranty.

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