One year—to the week—after the Hot 100 was topped by the frilly, reggae-based, down-on-one-knee “Rude” by Canadian jammers. Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk!” (No. 1, 14 weeks, January to A.

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Singer Pastor James Nixon 5 days ago · Kee, a gospel singer and pastor of New Life Fellowship Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, will bring a six-piece band and singers from

The bouncing, upbeat records of funk icons such as Parliament and Zapp. and the scheming, deep-voiced producer whose samples defined G-Funk. But what could have been the pathetic, final flailing of.

Holly Herndon, "Platform" (4AD Records. Paisley Park-style psychedelic funk and more. With his androgynous voice and gender-bending way with lyrics, Shamir’s marriage of club-pop and dance music is.

But like all fantasies, this dream vision remained free of consequences, and that alone was the deep, cold distinction between fantasy. More than likely it’s just a post-Christmas funk that’ll soon.

There’s a long history of funk bands and unusual attire, from Parliament/Funkadelic’s spacey glitz to Sly and the Family Stone’s flamboyant weirdness. But few can compare to the troupe known as Here C.

Early on in Zac Brown’s rollicking Sunday-night set at the Tortuga Music Festival, he stood alone on a section of stage that extended into the crowd to deliver the closing lyrics of a song. include.

It also paints a picture of what it’s like to be knee deep in the push-and-pull world. chugs and lurches along to a boinging electro funk beat. It would be a total pop smash if it weren’t for the l.

Carl Wilson Carl Wilson is Slate’s music critic. For illumination I’ve found myself holding it up less to music, at least initially, than to poetry. I’m normally sour on such moves, the give-Dylan-a-N.

“I think it has something to do with laziness, plus I hate writing lyrics. I’m good at it. singing the words “doody wop” as a salute to Stevie Wonder’s 1974 funk gem “You Haven’t Done Nothin’ ” The.

Once your ears wrap around the lyrics — including a verse imagining Angelakos. and ‘Cry Like a Ghost’ begs for a redux from Beyonce with its knee-deep groove and busted-speaker funk. But the great.

On Thursday (Feb. 16), Junie Morrison, the founder of funk band the Ohio Players. playing a major role in the Parliament-Funkadelic’s final essential records (“One Nation Under a Groove,” “(Not Jus.

As this list of the Top 10 Funkadelic Rock Songs. Clinton’s P-Funk empire sure knew what to do with a guitar. While Parliament focused on more traditional funk and soul music, guitarists Eddie Haze.

Funk flags are at half-mast this afternoon as reports of Walter “Junie” Morrison‘s death are now flooding. hip-hop’s most beloved sources of (not just) knee-deep funk, contributing to some of Parli.

It was a game-changer, one that zealously introduced the full force of DJ Scratch’s heavy funk samples, from James Brown to Funkadelic. rule the world / Let’s define what my world is / Knee-deep in.

Stripped away of the elaborate get-ups and trappings of Mother Monster, Gaga emerged rocking denim short shorts, black knee-high boots and a sheer body. Gaga then introduced collaborator and “Uptow.

I listen to Parliament Funkadelic. I’m like. bass, the reason I was attracted to the instrument was funk rock, really. These are exciting times for Robert Trujillo and Metallica. Rob, when you re.

Farka Touré is a master of blending Malian blues and praise song, funk, reggae and rock. He did not want me to follow this path, but at the same time he gave me a deep love and appreciation for mus.