Who doesn’t like a good movie mashup? Pulling 100 scenes. The video is set to Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk,” featuring Bruno Mars, which spent 14 weeks in the number one spot on the US Billboard Hot.

Burning up on social media today is the latest offering: “What The Mashup: 100 Movies Dance Scenes Mashup (Mark Ronson-Uptown Funk ft.Bruno Mars. (Hint: They have the list on their YouTube page.) [.

Love a good mashup? The website What’s The Mashup? has compiled dance scenes from 100 movies and synced them all to the Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ hit song “Uptown Funk.” The movies featured in the m.

Mark Ronson‘s “Uptown Funk!,” featuring Bruno Mars, is holding strong at the number one spot for the second week in a row on Billboard‘s Hot 100. The hit song dethroned Taylor Swift‘s “Blank Space” fr.

After Binder saw the hit viral video for 100 popular movies set to “Uptown Funk,” he was inspired to do something similar and equally amazing himself.

A new mash-up video cut together by YouTube user Nerd Fest UK incorporates footage from 66 films from the Golden Age of cinema and sets them to Bruno Mars‘ infectiously catchy “Uptown Funk.” Thanks to.

We’ve loved Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ ‘Uptown Funk’ from the moment it came out. as proven by this video from YouTube channel What’s the Mashup? Using 100 of the most iconic and amazing movie dan.

Mash-ups are great when they work and the above video qualifies as such as it cranks the funk up to eleven. YouTube channel What’s the Mashup? has taken 100 dances scenes from 100 different movies and.

In addition to dominating the charts, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ 1960s-inspired earworm “Uptown Funk” has inspired countless tributes, remixes, and memes. Now the intrepid editors at What’s the Mashu.

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Wondering which is the ultimate song for any dance move? Guess what, we have the answer here. Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk is all you need to have on your playlist and guys! you are all set.

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Just when you thought you’d seen every possible version of Uptown Funk going, along comes this ‘movie mash-up’ of the song. The Hangover – the list goes on. Don’t believe us? As Bruno Mars would sa.

This follows after another viral mashup this year that spliced together 100 iconic movie dances scenes, also to "Uptown Funk." However, there just may be a reason why these dance moves sync so perfect.

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Just when you thought the “Uptown Funk. The mashup took three months to make, according to a description of the clip on the video-sharing website. Movies featured include everything from The Godfat.

This incredible Mashup set to “Uptown Funk” includes some of the most iconic dance scenes in cinematic history, and the creators claim it features scenes from 100 different movies. See below for the m.

Someone out there must really dig “Uptown Funk” to keep this dream alive and bring it to full cinematic fruition. The creative souls over at the What The Mashup? YouTube channel seamlessly wove footag.

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Just to prove how flawless it is, video site What’s The Mashup compiled 100 iconic dance scenes from movies and synched them up perfectly with "Uptown Funk." The result is a mesmerizing blend of scene.

Much like dessert, there’s always room for another "Uptown Funk" mashup. This time YouTube channel What’s the Mashup? created a compilation of 100 movie dance scenes set to the Bruno Mars and Mark Ron.

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For now, though, let’s all watch and enjoy this meticulously edited and very fun mash-up of 100 different movies and the Bruno Mars song “Uptown Funk.” It’s interesting how many movies fit perfectly w.

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Play “Uptown. the Mashup, the song by Mark Ronson with Bruno Mars fits with a dizzying array of dance styles, from moonwalk to disco to twerking. The scenes, cut from 100 movies, are just as varied.